Helping You Sell Your Home in Probate 

Our Extra Value Probate Service is Designed to Make the Process Easier!

We understand how this is a difficult time for everyone in the family.
Dealing with the Estate and specifically Selling a Home in Probate can be challenging.
Here's how we'll help you, from start to finish:

Pre-listing Service
1. We'll produce a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA), then review the pricing and timelines with all parties.
2. We'll also review the current title and discuss any issues or challenges that we feel are important and that you may want to address with your lawyer.
3. Depending on your situation and the priorities of the beneficiaries, we'll consult with you on the pros & cons of updating the home to make it more sellable.
(eg. granite counters, new carpet or laminate, new baseboards and casings, new light fixtures, etc.)
4. We can even help co-ordinate an estate sale for items that are not staying with the family and need to be removed from the home.

Handyman Services
Our service person can spend up to 6 hours on minor repairs and updating such as paint touchups, new door handles, replacing light bulbs, window adjustments, etc.
This will help make the home a little more appealing and more sellable.

House Cleaning Services
Once the home is ready to list, we can have someone spend up to 4 hours doing a final clean to make the house presentable for showings.

Listing & Marketing
1. We'll create the marketing plan to suit your scenario and schedule.
2. When creating the listing, we include professional photographs, marketing material along with all the relevant details of the home.
3. We'll advise you of the current market conditions and the best time to have the home exposed on the market.
4. We'll manage all aspects of the listing including showings, updates and any feedback required. We're accessible 14 hours a day!

We pride ourselves on giving you the best distinguished service, from start to finish.
We'll handle all the communication, negotiation and paperwork with all parties involved in the process including: lawyers, trustees, executor, beneficiaries, condo management company, appraiser and anyone else relevant to the transaction.

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