Moksha yoga traces its roots to ancient spiritual traditions from India and has spread across North America over the past few decades. A result of this newfound popularity is a sharp increase in the amount of studios offering Moksha yoga classes. Here are five reasons why residents of Aspen Woods should consider visiting Moksha Yoga Calgary West.

Yoga Fan in Aspen Woods

The Health Benefits of Moksha Yoga

The mindful practice of yoga provides a variety of health benefits for practitioners. Moksha yoga postures are designed to strengthen muscles, especially in your core. The movements also stretch and lengthen muscles, relieving stress while promoting better vascular flow. Following proper alignment when practising yoga reduces the stress on your musculoskeletal system while providing better muscular support for joints and vertebrae. Yoga is an excellent way to rehabilitate injuries because of the gentle yet strenuous nature of the exercise. Recent studies suggest that consistently practising yoga and meditation creates a stress-reducing response on the cellular level.

A Comfortable and Environmentally Friendly Facility

The Calgary west Moksha Yoga facility is designed to be a clean, comfortable space that fosters a calm, quiet environment in which to practice yoga. One of the most important features of this facility is the studio floor, which is made of cork. In addition to being environmentally friendly, cork floors offer a vastly superior surface when compared to concrete, tiles or wood. Similar to a Birkenstock sandal, cork floors reduce the amount of stress on the body, especially the lower back.

Excellent Variety of Class Types

Moksha Yoga Calgary West offers a variety of different class types that cater to everyone from experienced yogis to beginners. Moksha classes focus on a series of 40 postures that strengthen, tone and detoxify. Moksha Flow is a class with greater pace and difficulty due to vinyasas that concentrate on matching postures with the conscientious control of breath, deriving greater benefit in terms of physical and cardiovascular strength. Moksha Karma and Community classes are less intense versions of this type of yoga, appropriate for all practitioners. Hot Fusion classes are available for those who wish to expand their practice, providing the opportunity to learn and practice new postures.

Flexible Class Schedules

Classes at this facility are available seven days a week, making it easier for yogis to schedule time on the mat. From Monday to Thursday, classes start at 6 a.m. with the last class beginning at 8 p.m. The last class on Fridays begins at 6:15pm while Saturdays and Sundays have a reduced schedule, with classes commencing at 8 a.m. and the concluding class starting at 4 p.m.

Fantastic Introductory Offer

Calgary West Moksha Yoga has an excellent introductory offer for those who wish to begin their yoga journey or have yet to visit this particular location. For only $40, you can enjoy unlimited access to the classes for a month. This provides a chance for new yogis to discover moksha yoga at an exceedingly reasonable price.

Situated at 218-333 Aspen Glen Landing SW, Moksha Yoga Calgary West is conveniently located near the Aspen Woods neighbourhood. Their variety of classes and flexible schedule make it easy to reap the benefits of practising yoga. If you have any questions about the Aspen Woods real estate community, don't hesitate to contact Ross PAVL by phone at (403) 837-8100 or by email at

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