Why Live in Calgary

There's a long list of reasons why most people choose to be Calgarians. Recent reports and studies have placed Calgary at the top of the Best Places to Live in Canada and one of the world's most preferred places to reside in. So Why Live in Calgary? Here's a good start:

1. For three consecutive years, from 2010 to 2012, Calgary was ranked by The Economist magazine as the world's 5th best city to live in. With the quality of life it offers, Calgary has attracted more residents, with an increase in population of almost 100% from 600,000 to 1.2 million, after the Winter Olympics was held in 1988.

2. Calgary was ranked by Mercer as the world's #1 Eco-City, from among 320 cities in it's  2011 Quality of Living Survey. Factors considered in this survey include water accessibility and drinkability, garbage extraction, sewage system quality, traffic and amount of pollution.

3. Calgary has one of the largest airports in Canada, the Calgary International Airport, which is a major distribution and logistics centre, connecting eastern and western Canada. It creates more jobs and boosts transportation and logistics sector.

4. The Calgary Stampede and Exhibition, which was first held in 1912, is one of the world's most unique rodeos that continues to be a tourist attraction. It celebrated it's 100 year anniversary in 2012 with much fanfare and celebrity guest. It has become an annual event that attracts about 1.2 million visitors every year from all parts of the world and is known as "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth".

5. Alberta has 95% of Canada's oil reserves and 3rd largest total reserves in the world, has been the job market leader in North America since year 2000. Calgary saw the same trend in the late 1950's as it became the world's energy bastion after the Trans-Canada Pipeline was completed. About 20,000 residents moved to Calgary in 2011.

6. With a population average age of 35.7, Calgary has a youthful and energetic populace dedicated to work and family living that makes it a brighter city to reside in.

7. With its burgeoning population, Calgary has committed to several redevelopment projects in its inner city areas. One worth noting is the new East Village community plan, an ambitious undertaking by the City of Calgary's land development arm, CMLC which revitalized the run down east side of downtown Calgary.  This new integrated Urban Village will host an extra 10,000+ people by 2020. Calgary's land area is about the same as New York city, yet Calgary has only around 10% of New York's population. Calgary's outer suburban communities offer relaxing privacy as new condo developments in the inner city provide more residential opportunities for urban dwellers.

8. Calgary is home to the tallest office building tower outside Toronto. Encana's Bow Tower is actually the tallest tower in Western Canada at 58 stories (originally planned at 70 stories but lowered to 58 due to shading concerns). First Canadian Place in Toronto with 72 stories is Canada's tallest office tower and the only building in Canada designed by Foster.

9. Calgary features the unique +15 pedestrian walkway system that spans 16 kilometres and connects office towers at 15 feet above street level with 59 bridges across the city. This walkway system provides convenient access to businesses and indoor shopping centres, making it warmer during the cold season to get to work or go shopping downtown.

10. Hosting more than 40% of the world's oil and gas companies, Calgary has the second most number of head offices in Canada. More work opportunities are available for people searching for jobs and for those who are working but have plans to relocate.

11. A 2011 Mercer Quality of Life survey for personal safety ranked Calgary as no. 17 in the whole world. This means people are safe and are not concerned at night while walking down the streets of Calgary since it is one of the safest cities in Canada.

12. Prince's Island Park at downtown Calgary hosts the city's Folk Music Festival, recently named by Globe and Mail as one of the planet's 7 musical wonders. There are also several world renowned social events in Calgary that bring fun and leisure to the whole family.

13. Calgary is home to the new National Music Center located in the redeveloped community of East Village. An innovation to music, NMC will showcase Calgary, as it discovers and exposes home grown talent in the international music scene.

14. There is a significantly lower cost of living in Calgary compared to Canada's other major cities. It is an ideally perfect place to live – a progressive community with modern amenities, clean environment and friendly people.

15. Calgary is one of Canada's wealthiest cities, attracting several businesses due to the government's incentives for lower taxes. The city has lower unemployment rate compared to other major cities in Canada.

16. Calgary has comprehensive health care facilities, equipped with the most advanced technology. The Alberta Children's Hospital is an acute care hospital for kids and 3 major acute care hospitals for adults.

17. According to an international survey, Calgary tops the list of the world's cleanest cities. Aside from its clean environment, the city boasts of several remarkable parks, cycle routes and playgrounds. Among the city's famous attractions are the rodeos and winter sports.

18. Calgary is a place of warm and friendly people, who show respect and cordiality and say “please” and “thank you”. It is a place where doors are held by people in front of you - a truly cordial gesture that adds to its welcoming atmosphere as a desirable place to reside in.

Still need more reasons Why Live in Calgary?

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