Great Moving Tips to Use When Your Calgary Home Has SOLD!

After selling your Calgary home, you may be eager to move into your new home but at the same time feel pressured with the amount of work that lies ahead. Moving doesn’t have to be that stressful. You can actually enjoy packing and moving if you plan ahead and get organized.

Moving Tips - Useful Moving Tips Once Your Calgary Home SellsHere are a few useful moving tips to help you with moving day once you sell your Calgary home:

Prepare your timetable and budget.

Before your scheduled moving day, prepare a timetable to help you start packing and help you with a smooth transition into your new home. Your Calgary Realtor® can help give you some moving tips after the successful sale of your Calgary house. Focus on your budget and the number of people involved in each stage of the house moving process.

Decide whether to hire Calgary movers.

Calgary Movers - Useful Moving Tips Once Your Calgary Home SellsWhen packing and moving household items to your new home, you may decide to hire one of the many Calgary moving companies to expedite and systematize the moving process. If you opt to hire Calgary movers, you need to consider insuring your things in case of damage caused during transit. Take note of the condition of all items before they are transported and then after being unloaded at your new home. Special instructions must be given to the moving company, especially for delicate and fragile items placed in labeled moving boxes. Hiring a Calgary moving company will require additional moving costs, so make sure it is included as part of your budget and moving plan.

Ask for assistance.

Moving Boxes - Useful Moving Tips Once Your Calgary Home SellsMoving involves a lot of packing up and boxing things. You may either organize things yourself with the family or you can also ask your friends and relatives to help you out. Prepare some pizzas and drinks to treat them after packing - they'll appreciate this gesture as a form of compensation to them for the help. Let everyone know about this plan in advance so you can get positive responses and have some fun. Make sure you start eating and drinking after the packing is done to prevent spilling any food or drinks.

Don’t bring everything.

Moving Checklist - Useful Tips for Moving Day Once You Sell Your Calgary HomeOver many years of living in your Calgary home, you will have accumulated many possessions. Not all of these items are actually useful to you or suitable to bring to your new home. Moving can help force you to "declutter" by donating or recycling many still useful items that have already served their purpose. Decide on what things you need to bring and the ones that you can live without.

Arrange to have a garage sale of all those items that may be of interest to other buyers and donate the rest to charity.

De-stress yourself.

Moving Checklist - Useful Moving Tips Once Your Calgary Home SellsSet your mind to a more simplified house moving process. Worrying doesn’t help, so stay cool and you'll have less tension in your body. Make sure that you stick to your timetable and original plan. Don’t worry about deviations as adjustments are inevitable at times. Keep track of the things that are done in your moving checklist and those yet to be done. Make sure each family member is assigned the right task so no one is too burdened. Getting enough rest after a day of packing will help you rejuvenate and recuperate faster.

Condition your mind.

Calgary Movers - Useful Moving Tips Once Your Calgary Home Sells
Anticipating moving day is part of having a well conditioned state of mind. Also, imagine once all the furniture is put in place and all the boxes are unpacked, relaxing and enjoying your new surroundings. Picture resting on your favourite patio seat and with a nice cool drink. Think of the whole move as just a temporary process, that will be over once you get to your destination - your new home.

Another item to take care of before moving day is to fill out change of address cards and mail them to your friends, relatives and colleagues once the deal is closed.
Don't forget to say good bye to your old neighbours before you start a new life in your new home.
Happy Moving!


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