Aspen Woods is a beautiful place to have a home and to grow a garden. Urban green thumbs love to landscape their yards and tend to their gardens. If you are looking for the perfect plants for your Aspen Woods home, here are three varieties that thrive in Calgary's climate.

Urban Green Thumbs Three Plants Perfect for Your Aspen Woods Garden

The Sweet Smelling Rose

A common misconception is that rose gardening is best left to the experts. The truth is, many roses can survive harsh winters, and hardy versions need little more care than any flowering shrub. Canadian-bred roses are cold-hardy, and bring fragrance to the garden. There are two types of classification for the purpose of Calgary rose gardening. Hardy shrub roses do not need to be winterized, whereas tender roses tend to be finicky and require more care.

Morden Centennial roses are a great choice for your summer blooms in Aspen Woods. The pink flowers of the rose bloom from June to July. These hardy shrub roses are ideal for gardeners who want decorated borders and hedges. The shrub-like growth habit of the Morden Centennial fills areas of space rather quickly, and has a plant hardiness of Canada zone of 2a or higher.

Lilacs That Love the Climate of Calgary

Lilacs are beautiful and impressive shrubs. Lilacs produce fragrant blooms and make an excellent addition to any Aspen Woods garden. Common lilac and French hybrids do well here, and require little maintenance. They can be pruned and formally sheared for hedging purposes.

Three varieties of lilac to consider are Meyer's Dwarf, Preston, and Sister Justina. Meyer's Dwarf lilac is a dense and twiggy shrub. Its small leaves look like Mickey Mouse ears and require little care. The lightly fragrant purple blooms appear in late spring, and the shrub has a growth of four feet high by five feet wide. Preston lilacs come in different varieties, one of which is Royalty. This variety blooms later than many other types of lilac, and has fragrant, long-lasting blooms. Preston lilacs can grow up to twelve feet high and twelve feet wide. Sister Justina lilacs produce fragrant, white flowers in spring. The bluish-green foliage of this variety turns a deep purple colour in the fall. The shrub grows to be twelve feet high, with a nine foot spread.

The Perfect Perennial Plant for Your Garden

Perennials are a great way to add colour and blooms to your Aspen Woods garden. There are many beautiful varieties that thrive and flourish in the climate here. Perennials that do well come back each spring and are great for reducing the amount of ongoing planting your garden beds require. Well-suited favourites native to the Calgary area include Delphiniums. Know as Blue Elf, this plant spreads to approximately twelve inches by twelve inches. Its beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers bloom from late spring to late summer. The Blue Elf works well as edging when planted in groups. It also grows well in planters for container gardening. The plant is tolerant of urban pollutions and requires full sunlight.

The best types of plant for any garden are those that are native to the area. Aspen Woods has a plant zone of 3, but many zone 4 plants do quite well here. Contact Ross Pavl at (403) 837- 8100 to learn more about the homes, gardens, and real estate opportunities of Aspen Woods.

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