The Calgary real estate market has shown good prospects for 2014, as home sales reached all-time high levels in the recent year-end. For 2013, Calgary home sales and sale prices of different home types surpassed record levels reached in 2012.

The Best Time to Sell a Calgary HouseCalgary buyers and sellers realize that real estate is still a safe investment. However, beneath this favorable growth environment, did they ever know the underlying factor of 'timing' in the purchase and sale of properties? Calgary realtors have realized the significance of knowing the best time to sell a Calgary house. Here are some tips that would help save money by timely selling and buying a house in Calgary:

January is the best month to make an offer on a Calgary house.

Just as few people are into the market, there will be less competition during the cold month of January. Only few buyers are actually into house-hunting, therefore less people, if any, are into bidding wars. Ironically, sellers are motivated during this month. The reason is their being desperate to find ways of paying the credit card bills they received after Christmas spending. At this time, they are willing to take the risk of listing their home for sale even when properties seem to be not showing any movement in the market.

The first Tuesday of the month is the best day to make an offer on a Calgary home.

The earlier the better. Since the seller has already written a mortgage check for his home for sale, he doesn't want to write one again. By Tuesday he will realize and worry that he's not getting offers from the house hunters who viewed the house the previous weekend.

Spring is the best time of the year to sell a Calgary house.

During spring time, buyers get out of the woodwork and having received tax refund checks, they often pay the full price. Sales usually peak in spring, reflected in the trend that 60% of those who move do so during summer. That's after a sale was made in spring.

In pricing when you sell, don't quote a price ending with zero. According to studies, precise prices such as $293,541, are perceived to be lower than rounded ones, like $290,000, although it's the other way around.

Thursday is the best day of the week to list your Calgary house for sale.

During a seller's market, listing your Calgary house for sale on a Thursday would mean that it's already available for viewing on the weekend. By Saturday, which is the most important day of the week for real estate, your home for sale will only have two days of being viewed. This is significant since your home will have a better chance of attracting a full-price offer if exposed only for fewer days in the market. If it doesn't sell by the following Saturday, the total number of days in the market is only nine, a single-digit number which benefits the psychological advantage.

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