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By Rebecca Wissink

From coast to coast, real estate records were smashed across the nation in 2021. Some markets saw insane price increases of 25-30%. For example, the Greater Montreal area gained 27.45%, Ottawa gained 23.3%, and Vancouver gained 18.62% (year-over-year benchmark prices from 2020 to 2021). Calgary and the surrounding communities of Airdrie and Cochrane did not see these astronomical surges. So, how did Calgary's real estate market fare in 2021? Calgary was late to the party, but in late 2021 when most markets settled down a bit, Calgary was just catching fire.  

Calgary’s market broke records of its own last year, and the area rings in 2022 with some of the tightest conditions observed in over a decade. The number of homes sold,…

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By Rebecca Wissink

The word suburb, suburban, and suburbia are all short for a “sub urban” area, meaning they are contrasted to the inner-city. Suburbia is the result of an economic explosion that occurred in North American post-WWII, along with the resulting social changes that followed. In America, returning veterans were able to get housing loans with low interest rates and small down payments for standardized homes being built en-masse outside of the city. Suburbia was partly enabled by Henry Ford’s cheap automobile, automation and cheaper goods, and by public transit, railways, and highways that allowed people to commute into the city from these new housing developments. These new areas of housing were necessary due to the baby boom that occurred…

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By Rebecca Wissink

There is an age-old saying that applies to investments: buy low, sell high. And there is no doubt that housing has become an investment in the minds of many. Calgary, the third largest city in Canada behind Toronto and Montreal, is the cheapest of the large metropolitan areas for housing, as seen in Table 1 below. Does this alone make it primed for investors to start snapping up real estate? Not necessarily. This article explores some of the factors that might be influencing folks to invest in Calgary real estate. But first, let me address your shock that Vancouver is not bigger than Calgary, as I assure you this is not a typo. The city of Vancouver is actually quite small at 631,486 people. It is the Metro Vancouver area that is…

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By Rebecca Wissink

Luxury or luxurious – to be of great comfort, richness, or extravagance - might be the most overused words in advertising, describing everything from bedding to garages and skincare. It’s no secret why the words are pervasive in advertising – they evoke feelings we desire. But if you google luxury what you see are lavish homes and properties. As the largest asset one will ever own, and the place where we spend most of our time outside of work, our homes reflect our style and desire for luxury. Yet, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we must understand that luxury is similarly unique to the person and their needs and desires. For those that seek luxury, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Luxury might be a glass penthouse in…

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By Rebecca Wissink

When society and culture shift, often slowly but sometimes rapidly when reacting to a global pandemic, these changes impact every area of life, including housing. Almost two years into the COVID-19 pandemic the real estate and housing market has undergone radical changes. Prices soared in some markets, people moved to places that traditionally see little growth in population, and a new trend emerged - Baby Boomers choosing to age-in-place. Rather than downsizing into a condo or moving into a group living situation, Baby Boomers are refusing to give up their larger homes. However, this is actually a continuation and variation of a pre-pandemic trend that was already being documented back in 2018. Pre-pandemic, millennials who could…

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By Rebecca Wissink

If you consume any amount of media you likely saw a lot of headlines about rising interest rates and the spring housing market recently. That’s because on January 26, 2022 the Bank of Canada (BoC) was announcing an interest rate decision. Most of these headlines were doom and gloom scenarios that have now disappeared given the BoC held its lending rate at 0.25%. The next scheduled date for the bank to announce a change is March 2, 2022. You can except headlines to ramp up again in the week or so prior to this announcement.

Why would the BoC change its overnight or “policy interest rate?” To meet the institution’s policy requirements to maintain inflation around 2%. In a nutshell, in response to the economic shocks of the COVID-19…

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By Rebecca Wissink

Recent data from the moving company U-Haul suggests more people moved into Alberta in 2021 than any other province. In fact, Alberta jumped from being the third most moved-to province in 2020 to overtake British Columbia for top spot. And the number one city in the province for U-Haul arrivals last year was Calgary! Calgary’s bedroom community of Airdrie was also a destination of choice, ranking 24th nationally, which was a drop from its 19th place the year prior. In 2021, the communities of Red Deer and Medicine Hat also received a significant influx of U-Haul trucks, ranking 8th and 15th respectively, which again is remarkable as neither city placed in the top 25 the year prior. These smaller locations that are experiencing an…

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TAAS - Transportation as a Service

By Simon Rose

The pandemic has brought many changes to our daily lives, some of which may be temporary and others permanent. I drove my car considerably less in the last eighteen months, restricting myself to essential trips and so on, but of course still had to register the car, have insurance, maintain the vehicle, and buy fuel, even when the vast majority of the time the car wasn’t being used. Like you, I’ve always assumed that car ownership is an integral part of my life. However, what if that wasn’t the case? What if car ownership, at least in the way that people all over the world have become so accustomed to, became a thing of the past? Hard to imagine, isn’t it? And yet this is the concept behind…

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Weathering Change out of Your Control

By Carla Grundison

Everything from aging to actions taken by others, there is often little we can do to
stop or delay changes that are at the mercy of time or outside influences. We might
resist or fear such changes, but becoming more resilient can help us weather them
with more strength and ease.

While we can eat well, get regular exercise, do sudoku and other practices deemed
beneficial for our physical body and mental aptitude – let’s not forget about our
emotional and spiritual well-being, which starts with how we feel about ourselves.

Accept yourself – just as you are in this moment.

The more we can accept ourselves and see ourselves in a favourable light –
perceived flaws and all – the more we…

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By Mario Toneguzzi

The ingredients for any business success are quite simple – sell a good product at the right price point and offer quality service.

But many companies, like Spolumbo’s Fine Foods & Deli, an institution in Calgary for three decades, have also recognized the importance of giving back to the community.

It’s the element that really elevates a venture from being a good company to a great one. 

For Spolumbo’s, the idea of supporting community has been part of the company’s DNA since day one.

“We’ve always had a huge soft spot for kids. As soon as we were able to at the beginning, we started picking our spots where we could help out with kids’ programs and kids’ sports.…

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