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By Danielle Rourke

It’s described as ‘the great Canadian (Real Estate) migration,’ a prediction that came to life in April of 2020, the beginning of our continually evolving and ever changing pandemic. Why and how does migration continue to rapidly sweep across Canada and impact real estate? My recent interview with REIN CEO Patrick Francey reveals this and more, including forecasts predicted for 2022 within the real estate landscapes of Canada.

Firstly, despite the crisis of the pandemic, Patrick believes opportunity still thrives. The continual seeming melt down of the world over these past 2 years, has in turn created a major shift in people’s overall view of the world.

People generally have a greater…

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Real Estate Forecasts and Loving Your Job

By Danielle Rourke

Ann-Marie Lurie loves her job. I mean she really truly loves her job. It’s one of those phrases so many of us strive to truly feel. With 11 years of working as chief economist for CREB under her belt, Ann-Marie is no stranger to forecasting real estate. And she adores every minute of it. Many of you may know her as a popular CREB forecast speaker, this year recent presentation being no different. I had the pleasure of speaking with Ann-Marie, a born and raised Calgarian, uncovering a little more about her, and about what she sees in our future for 2022.

While studying at U of C, Ann-Marie originally planned on becoming an accountant. With the encouragement of several professors, she…

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The Boom in Alberta’s Film Industry: A Family Affair

By Danielle Rourke

The lights. The cameras. The action. These are the hallmarks of the film and television industry. Some of you might not realize just how massive the film industry currently is here in Alberta. Many of you may not guess that Covid actually improved the industry here, or that Alberta had its best year ever in 2020. Did you know that film and TV projects brought $482M to Alberta’s economy in 2021? And it’s not slowing down.

It makes sense when you consider that the biggest TV series ever to be shot in Canada, ‘The Last of Us’, is being filmed right here in Alberta. Other examples include films like Ghostbusters 3, Billy the Kid, Left Behind, and Let Him Go. There are tons of…

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The Art of Growing an Art Show

By Danielle Rourke

Art. It influences and inspires. It’s universal. Language barriers dissolve. Art impacts our emotions. It has been proven to raise serotonin levels and scientifically shown to enhance brain function. We all have examples of art in our homes and other parts of our lives, in one form or another. One thing we can all agree on is that art is impactful. With all of its wondrous shapes, colors, textures, mediums, subjects and sizes, art is ever evolving and art is not going anywhere. Emma Justine Mccaul understands art. She opened a Calgary organization called ART SPOT in 2008, with the goal of supporting local emerging artists.

It was here, at the organization’s first location, a small turn of the…

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J. Vair Anderson Jewellers - Uncovering Calgary’s Oldest Jewel

By Danielle Rourke

“If it was easy, there would be a lot more of it.” J.Vair – on summing up 70+ years of success. 

It was 1909, it was Montreal, and it was where it all began. J. Vair Anderson was a young man, patiently completing his training to become a watchmaker. After skilfully completing his mission, he soon excitedly boards a train heading west.  Originally on route to Vancouver and California, he makes a stop in Calgary to visit his uncle Harry Anderson. He never leaves. Once in Calgary, J.Vair is introduced to DE Black, one of the city’s first notable jewellers. Immediately struck by J. Vair’s talent, Black quickly offers him a spot on his first jewellery bench. J. Vair…

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Terry Gregoraschuk – Where Art Lives

By Danielle Rourke

Terry Gregoraschuk understands art. So it seems only natural that he established the The Knox Contemporary Gallery of Art. In 2018, this gallery was set up in a 1700 sq. ft. space at Eau Claire Market, its goal, to support and showcase the artwork of upcoming contemporary artists. Artwork that is unique and not found anywhere else in Calgary is represented here. Terry understands that Calgary can be a hard nut to crack when it comes to gaining representation in a gallery. 

This artist-run gallery is different. An art studio was implemented within the main gallery space to provide interaction with patrons, to truly show the creative process. This proved to be a great success as patrons…

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EDWARD MICHELL – The Light Beneath

By Danielle Rourke

“I am inspired by the darkness. It goes hand in hand with the light. However dark the days may feel, there is joy hidden behind the blackness. This too shall pass and the sun will shine again. We will go on. It’s all in how we perceive it.”

These words of artist Edward Michell most certainly relate to so many of us. At one time or another we all face loss, sadness, and pain. It’s what we do with it that counts. 

World renowned, Calgary born artist, Edward Michell has been revealing the light amidst darkness for decades. His backdrop, challenging and thick like toffee. It contradicts the rules. It’s unprecedented. Edward Michell couldn’t be more pleased.

Edward Michell was always…

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