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J. Vair Anderson Jewellers - Uncovering Calgary’s Oldest Jewel

By Danielle Rourke

“If it was easy, there would be a lot more of it.” J.Vair – on summing up 70+ years of success. 

It was 1909, it was Montreal, and it was where it all began. J. Vair Anderson was a young man, patiently completing his training to become a watchmaker. After skilfully completing his mission, he soon excitedly boards a train heading west.  Originally on route to Vancouver and California, he makes a stop in Calgary to visit his uncle Harry Anderson. He never leaves. Once in Calgary, J.Vair is introduced to DE Black, one of the city’s first notable jewellers. Immediately struck by J. Vair’s talent, Black quickly offers him a spot on his first jewellery bench. J. Vair…

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Terry Gregoraschuk – Where Art Lives

By Danielle Rourke

Terry Gregoraschuk understands art. So it seems only natural that he established the The Knox Contemporary Gallery of Art. In 2018, this gallery was set up in a 1700 sq. ft. space at Eau Claire Market, its goal, to support and showcase the artwork of upcoming contemporary artists. Artwork that is unique and not found anywhere else in Calgary is represented here. Terry understands that Calgary can be a hard nut to crack when it comes to gaining representation in a gallery. 

This artist-run gallery is different. An art studio was implemented within the main gallery space to provide interaction with patrons, to truly show the creative process. This proved to be a great success as patrons…

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By Brigit Lister

After 42 years in the restaurant industry, 20 years as a career Chef, and working and representing his country internationally four times competitively, it was a natural progression and life long dream for Chef Michael Noble to open a restaurant. In August 2010 he opened the NOtaBLE restaurant in Calgary, in the then newly emerging community of Montgomery, surviving Calgary’s ever changing landscape and never looking back. In fact, by his own description, “Everyone thought Chef Noble was crazy to open his restaurant in Montgomery. He proved them wrong.”

During the course of its evolution these past ten years, most things have remained the same. The 18 month Pandemic,…

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THE ALBERTA ADVANTAGE - Alberta still prevails when it comes to investing in real estate

BY Cindy Stephen

Whether single or multi-family, residential real estate sales in Calgary, the fourth largest city in Canada, remains robust due in part to affordability and reasonable taxes.  Alberta was the first Canadian province to fully re-open, post-COVID and has also possessed a can-do attiBtude. 

June statistics from the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) show that the average price of apartment-style condominiums in Calgary is sitting at $260,000 while the average single-family home price is hovering at just under $500,000.   These prices are before GST and of course, part of the Alberta Advantage is that there is no Provincial Sales Tax (PST).

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By James Clarke-Lister

There are still no flying cars like in the Jetsons, but at some point in time, we’ve all likely had thoughts about living in other realities. Daydreams about being somewhere else at a particular point in time, are the thoughts paving the way for technological innovation. This idea of an alternate reality experience has a name, one quickly becoming familiar. The term Virtual Reality (VR) describes an encounter that stimulates experiences performed (virtually) through a technological medium.

Items like Sony’s Oculus Rift is a device similar to the Wii.

Goggles immerse a player into the VR experience, using what is called the VR headset. The Wii was an early adopter of this idea of bridging the virtual and physical world…

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Renert School Calgary Real Estate 

Why Renert? Renert is a unique K-12 private school in Calgary’s NW that offers an innovative educational model. Known as Calgary’s leading mathematics school, Renert was founded on 25 years experience as the premier provider of academic support and test preparation services, for the city’s elementary, high school and university students. The teaching team at Renert are different. Teachers here are a distinctive mix of expert subject matter experts and specialized mentors. As an accredited private school, Renert students are obliged to cover the Alberta curriculum. In addition, a wide range of educational learning choices are offered, far exceeding this traditional curriculum. Students are allowed to progress and advance through curriculum at their…

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Webber Academy Calgary Alberta     

Webber Academy, a private west side Calgary school offers kids from K-12 an exceptional educational experience to thrive academically. Webber Academy is located on a 47 acre campus in the scenic community of Aspen Woods. Its majestic locale overlooks the stunning mountains and foothills to the west. Non-denominational and coeducational, this school caters to students with a range of cultures and faiths. The underlying mission prides itself on phenomenal student success, encouraging all students to have high expectations of academic achievement, behaviour and service. Education for all students is further enhanced with impressive extracurricular programs. There is never a shortage of activities to keep kids involved. Clubs and activities include…

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411 Patterson Blvd SW in the Point in Patterson Heights

 411 Patterson Blvd SW

Visualize waking up each morning nestled amongst natural ravines, stunning vistas and expansive green space. Imagine seeing abundant wildlife from your window. Envision spectacular views of Calgary’s downtown and the Bow River as you walk, run or ride the abundant trails and pathways of your community. If this sounds intriguing, then look no further. This stunning home is located in the Point in Patterson Heights, a unique community offering this and so much more. Residents here enjoy privacy in plentiful natural surroundings, where 70% of its total development site is dedicated to be a natural reserve. Patterson Heights is home to municipal parks and reserves that include Sarcee Park and…

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Down Payment to Rise to 10% on Homes Over $500,000

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced changes to the CHMC 5% down payment program to take affect February 15, 2016.  The government backed Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation's program provides mortgage insurance to Canadians through lending institutions and is looking to reduce it's exposure in the market place by requiring buyers to increase their equity portion.

CMHC Loan-to-Value Premiums for 5%, 10% & 15% Down PaymentsThe Liberals have always expressed concern that home prices in certain Canadian real estate markets may be overheated, so they are increasing the minimum down payment required on a home in Canada from 5% to 10% on the portion of the purchase price over $500,000.

For a $600,000 home, the new 10% downpayment rule will apply…

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Is the Calgary Real Estate Market Affecting Your Home Sale?

From time to time homeowners may find that after a few months, their Calgary house has not sold, especially in today’s competitive market. It may be time to look at a few factors that might be affecting the sale.

Why Your Calgary Home May Take Longer to SellBesides the asking price, the time of the year when your Calgary home is listed could affect the sale. If it’s been on the Calgary real estate market through the summer, then fall and now into winter, it may be a good time to temporarily take it off the market. The festive season is a very difficult time of year to sell since most potential buyers are not looking to buy a house at this time or the year - they want to enjoy special time with their families. If this is the case and…

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