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By Rebecca Wissink

When society and culture shift, often slowly but sometimes rapidly when reacting to a global pandemic, these changes impact every area of life, including housing. Almost two years into the COVID-19 pandemic the real estate and housing market has undergone radical changes. Prices soared in some markets, people moved to places that traditionally see little growth in population, and a new trend emerged - Baby Boomers choosing to age-in-place. Rather than downsizing into a condo or moving into a group living situation, Baby Boomers are refusing to give up their larger homes. However, this is actually a continuation and variation of a pre-pandemic trend that was already being documented back in 2018. Pre-pandemic, millennials who could…

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The Future of the Downtown Core

By Simon Rose

As the pandemic has progressed over the last eighteen months or more, there’s often been talk of what society and local economies will look like in the post-COVID world. Within these discussions has been talk of how people will return to the office and other workplaces. How companies plan to persuade people to return to the office, after they’ve become accustomed to being at home and adjusting their daily schedules accordingly, hasn’t really been explained. In many larger cities, especially in North America, the downtown core has usually been the centre of economic activity. Yes, there have always been workplaces in many different parts of the geographic region that a city occupies, and in recent…

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TAAS - Transportation as a Service

By Simon Rose

The pandemic has brought many changes to our daily lives, some of which may be temporary and others permanent. I drove my car considerably less in the last eighteen months, restricting myself to essential trips and so on, but of course still had to register the car, have insurance, maintain the vehicle, and buy fuel, even when the vast majority of the time the car wasn’t being used. Like you, I’ve always assumed that car ownership is an integral part of my life. However, what if that wasn’t the case? What if car ownership, at least in the way that people all over the world have become so accustomed to, became a thing of the past? Hard to imagine, isn’t it? And yet this is the concept behind…

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Weathering Change out of Your Control

By Carla Grundison

Everything from aging to actions taken by others, there is often little we can do to
stop or delay changes that are at the mercy of time or outside influences. We might
resist or fear such changes, but becoming more resilient can help us weather them
with more strength and ease.

While we can eat well, get regular exercise, do sudoku and other practices deemed
beneficial for our physical body and mental aptitude – let’s not forget about our
emotional and spiritual well-being, which starts with how we feel about ourselves.

Accept yourself – just as you are in this moment.

The more we can accept ourselves and see ourselves in a favourable light –
perceived flaws and all – the more we…

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The Allure of CottageClub at Ghost Lake

By Cindy Stephen

CottageClub at Ghost Lake is a 92-acre gated recreational community just 45 minutes west of Calgary on Highway 1A, featuring exceptional cottage homes and year-round amenities.

This exclusive development is next to a 1,866-acre freshwater reservoir, which was created in 1929 by the damming of the Bow River. Local developer Lamont Land built the first cottages in 2010 and since then have added amenities such as an exclusive beach, a boat launch, community gardens, an extensive trail system, parks, playgrounds, and a private recreation centre.

Buyers will find cottage site options for almost every lifestyle and budget with no building
commitment and strong architectural controls. The…

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By Mario Toneguzzi

The ingredients for any business success are quite simple – sell a good product at the right price point and offer quality service.

But many companies, like Spolumbo’s Fine Foods & Deli, an institution in Calgary for three decades, have also recognized the importance of giving back to the community.

It’s the element that really elevates a venture from being a good company to a great one. 

For Spolumbo’s, the idea of supporting community has been part of the company’s DNA since day one.

“We’ve always had a huge soft spot for kids. As soon as we were able to at the beginning, we started picking our spots where we could help out with kids’ programs and kids’ sports.…

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Meet Doug Putman

By Mario Toneguzzi

At a time when many Canadian businesses were shuttering their operations due to the pandemic, Canadian serial entrepreneur Doug Putman was expanding his portfolio.

Through his company Putman Investments, he recently purchased Toys ‘R’ Us and Babies ‘R’ Us. He’s also owner of T.Kettle, Sunrise Records, FYE (For Your Entertainment), Alex Brands, HMV Retail Ltd (UK), The Granite Restaurant (Bancroft, Ontario), Makin Waves Marine (Bancroft) and Everest Toys (Hamilton).

Despite the brutal economic challenges out there in recent times, Putman is positive and looking at further acquisitions in the near future.

“I think everyone has learned how to be a lot more nimble and to do a lot more with less whether…

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By Cindy Stephen

If there’s a silver lining to the global pandemic, it is this:  home and family have never been so important.

Home has always been our refuge, but COVID-19 has forced it to also be our workplace, our restaurant, our gym, our theatre, and our neighbourhood pub.  After the initial shock of the first lockdown, when the world was put on pause, the real estate market did what no one could have predicted.  It took off, because people forced to spend nearly every waking moment at home wanted a better space for themselves and their family.

Big on the list of must-haves in the last 18 months are home offices or flex space on the main floor with lots of natural light. Zoom calls and online learning at the…

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TURNING HEADS - Not Your Regular Alberta Bunkhouse

By Cindy Stephen

A French Chateau just off Cowboy Trail west of Calgary has turned a lot of heads the last seven years or so, cause it ain’t your regular kind of Alberta bunkhouse.

It’s an 11,000 square foot stone-clad mega-mansion on 80 acres of spectacular ranch land in Rocky View County. It lies unprotected by trees, prone to the curious eyes of all who pass by on the straight stretch of highway between Bragg Creek and the Trans-Canada Highway. The rural landscape around Calgary is dotted with opulent houses but this one….this one is as fantastic as it gets. It has even commanded national attention and was profiled by Canadian journalist Jen Gerson in Maclean’s Magazine.

As it was…

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MODERN MINING - Mining the Space of the Crypto Market

By Mario Toneguzzi

Modern Mining, a unique Bitcoin mining company, has been established in Calgary with plans to build a flagship facility in Medicine Hat using 100 per cent immersion cooling technology and the most efficient mining hardware in the world.

The company is being operated by Shawn Banack, Chief Executive Officer, Jason McCagherty, Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Chernesky, Chief Financial Officer and Sebastian Elawny, Chief Legal Officer.

“All four of us – the directors that got together – have been involved in crypto (currency) for several years,” says Chernesky. “I started in early 2017. I heard about Bitcoin years before that but like most people didn’t think too much of…

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