Mistakes Calgary Sellers Make

Preparing your home for sale does not actually end after physically staging it. While your property for sale is on the Calgary real estate market, it is important to maintain its staged condition until it is finally sold.

Mistakes in Calgary Real EstateMaintenance requires only a fewer time of your day compared to the original staging process. However, some sellers' perceptions do not actually keep the selling process move. Often unintentionally, most Calgary real estate sellers make the following common mistakes:

1. Setting the initial price of Calgary homes for sale high.

One of the common mistakes Calgary sellers make is to set a high price for homes for sale. Setting a high MLS Calgary listing price for a home for sale will deprive you of the bulk of sales activity during the first 7 to 10 days on Calgary real estate market. Highly priced homes for sale do not attract buyers.

Subsequent reduction in price does not eliminate the stigma already created in the minds of prospective buyers. Their trust in you may be lessened by having the impression that you plan to get too much from them.

2. Abandoning upkeep of house for sale and not making mistakes in Calgary real estate

After finishing the major staging process, you resume the old routine and remove the beautiful photos. This is one of the common mistakes Calgary sellers make. You should be reminded that living in a home for sale is totally different from ordinarily living in it as your home.

Home staging should be a continuous process. It is advisable for you to keep a beautiful photo of the staged home for sale to stay motivated in maintaining the home's appearance. Spend about 5 to 10 minutes of your day to straighten up and fix things before leaving. Make up the beds and mop or sweep floors daily and clean kitchens and baths weekly. Devise an emergency storage bin for storing items quickly in case of last minute or emergency showing of home for sale.

3. Making it hard for buyers to view the Calgary homes for sale.

Limiting the buyers who will view the home for sale does not help achieve a Calgary real estate seller's goal. Buyers of Calgary homes for sale can't wait – they may find other houses for sale in between gaps. Making it hard for buyers to view your property for sale may form an impression on them that it is difficult to deal with you.

To have the greatest chances of successfully selling your home, you have to aim for the most number of buyers to view your home.

4. Refusing to leave during showings of Calgary homes for sale.

Usually buyers value the time to bond with the home for sale. They want to feel the home as their own and having you around does not help it – they may feel that they intrude your space. Refusing to leave during showings is one of the common mistakes Calgary sellers make in the process of selling their homes. Even in FSBO (For Sale By Owner), it is advisable to let someone else be with you to keep you out of the buyer's way.

5. Ignoring buyers' feedback.

Dismissing important feedback from buyers is one of the common mistakes Calgary sellers make. Constant feedback received from the buyer's agents are signals to take action on these requests or suggestions. Make arrangements with your home stager or agent to have these requests addressed on. After all, these important series of feedback that come constantly are strong signals for buying a house.

6. Forgetting to prepare for Calgary real estate showings.

Your home for sale should not be taken for granted. Forgetting to prepare for home showing is one of the common mistakes Calgary sellers make. Make it a habit to assign and divide tasks among family members to maintain the home for sale daily. Assign tasks in cleaning dirty dishes, emptying garbage cans, making up beds and generally maintaining it. This way the tasks become easier.

You may also add finishing and special touches to your home when preparing for a showing. These may include placing bouquet of flowers and playing soft music.

Continuous home staging and avoiding those common mistakes will definitely make the Calgary home for sale always ready for the stage.

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