Calgary Homes Sell Faster With These Landscaping Tips

If you think you’re ready to sell your Calgary home, think again.

Landscaping Ideas to Help Sell Your Calgary Home - Front Yard LandscapingWhen you’re planning to sell your home in today's Calgary real estate market, a lot of preparation is needed to make a quick sale. Although it’s normal for people to spend much of their time upgrading, renovating and repairing the interiors before putting up their house for sale, sufficient time should also be spent on the home’s exterior appearance since it reflects much of what’s inside. Improving your home's landscaping will increase your odds of attracting prospective home buyers and make them want to see what’s inside.

When you're ready to put your home up for sale on the Calgary MLS®, make sure that your house is totally prepared inside and out. Here are some simple landscaping tips to help your Calgary home sell quicker.

Landscaping Ideas to Help Sell Your Calgary Home - Modern Landscaping
Enhance curb appeal
What attracts a homebuyer who is passing by your home is its curb appeal. You can actually enhance your home’s curb appeal by doing some basic front yard landscaping and arranging the exterior of your property to make it more attractive. Landscaping in Calgary doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. Simple additions like shrubs, hedges, bark mulch, decorative planters, rock gardens, retaining walls, water fountains, and paving stones can improve your home's curb appeal and help make it stand out on the street. Make sure that any landscaping plans result in an overall improvement to the appearance of your property than before you started.

Plan in advance

It is always best to prepare your Calgary landscape plans in advance. Landscaping your yard should be planned carefully and organized so that the overall project runs smoothly. Doing a piecemeal landscaping job without an overall guide or plan is just asking for problems and should be avoided. A landscaping project should incorporate a step-by-step process to ensure that every detail has a purpose and adds value to your home.

Tidy up the lawn
A clean and well manicured lawn is a big boost to attract prospective home buyers. It's also a sign of what home buyers may come to expect when they proceed to view the interior of the home - neat, tidy and presentable. 

Landscaping Ideas to Help Sell Your Calgary Home - Calgary Landscaping
Use variety

Aside from the usual lawn, gardens and flowers, make your Calgary home more attractive by trying some unique landscaping ideas. Make your home stand out from the rest of its surroundings by incorporating unique trees and vegetation, especially for your front yard landscaping. You can even use hanging flower baskets from a deck and strategically positioned flower pots on the walkway, at the front entrance or around the patio in your back yard.

Landscaping Ideas to Help Sell Your Calgary Home - Front Yard Landscaping
Make it lush and green
A healthy and lush lawn helps make a great first impression. Be sure to rake any brown and dead leaves that have fallen from trees as well as replace yellow and dead grass areas by either reseeding or laying down new grass sod in these areas.  Employ the proper fertilization regiment starting in the spring, and throughout the summer and fall. This little detail will help create a lush and green lawn that will stand out from everyone else in the neighbourhood and put a glow to your home’s landscaping and surroundings.

Importance of the rear yard

Although much emphasis is made on the front yard of your Calgary home, the rear yard is important as well. Consider some unique backyard ideas, as buyers will no doubt venture out onto the balcony or patio and inspect that area of your property. If you want to get carried away, you can apply extended patios, a pond with flowing stream, a gazebo and even an outdoor firepit to the backyard of your home. Any improvement to your backyard landscaping will add value and create a better impression of your home.

Landscaping Ideas to Help Sell Your Calgary Home - Landscaping in Calgary
Accents help
Landscaping in Calgary can be quite rewarding if you are the creative type! By placing some flowering plants along with other shrubs that have the right hues and colour, will definitely make the property stand out and be more attractive. The uniqueness of your landscaping will easily catch the attention of prospective home buyers passing by or driving along your street.

Landscaping Ideas to Help Sell Your Calgary Home - Backyard Landscaping
Other options
Aside from the usual plants, vegetation and greens, modern landscaping may also be done by adding some other attractions like furniture, benches, hammock and other functional features. Also, be sure that walkways and patios are clean and maintained and decks and fences are attractive and not deteriorating. This helps make an impression in the prospective buyers’ mind of how the interior of the house might look.

Overall, landscaping your home doesn’t have to be expensive. The aim is to create a positive, inviting feeling of what buyers can expect with the interior of your home and lead to a quicker, higher priced sale.

Remember, when done correctly, landscaping will increase the value and appeal of your home, so learn to strike a balance between how much you invest in transforming your grounds and the return you hope to get from the sale of your home. Ask your favourite Calgary Realtor® for more home selling tips and guidance on landscaping in Calgary. 


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