For every Calgary home seller, it is important to quickly realize returns on investment by selling the property fast. Now the primary concern is how to sell Calgary house fast.

An expert has identified 'setting the right price' as the single most essential How to Sell Calgary House Fastfactor to get your Calgary home sold quickly. No matter how much you have spent on upgrading and marketing for your home, no sale can be realized if you set the wrong price.

Before setting the price of your Calgary home, try to walk in the shoes of the buyer. Check online and compare your home with similar local houses for sale. Comparable homes have the same area, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and levels, presence of yards and upgrade of kitchens. Avoid comparing houses with different features from yours.

To estimate the value of your home for sale, invite 3 competitive brokers to view your home. Ask each one of them to quote the price of your home if you want to sell it within 30 days. This would directly get their gut estimates based on their view of the present Calgary real estate market. In all instances, the broker with the lowest price estimate turns out to be the right one.

Come up with a list of comparable homes checked online and select the five least expensive ones. Along with the estimates of the three brokers, get the averages of the 5 least expensive Calgary homes. Then set the price of your home 10 to 15% lower than the computed average. Don't worry about underpricing your home for sale. The Calgary market forces will always correct the pricing through a bidding war.

Attending neighborhood open houses would also help in selling your Calgary house fast. It can give you an idea on what to do and what to avoid in marketing your home. You will then realize the importance of getting rid of clutter. Your home will look smaller with cluttered stuff, so clear and store 2/3 of your things, including your home furniture. This will help the buyer picture himself living there.

Second to location, home buyers will love the light in a home. Most buyers are willing to pay for a bright home. So wash your home's windows and paint walls with soft white color. Lower your drapes, install high wattage bulbs and trim bushes by your windows.

The entryway and front yard are also important. Experienced Calgary realtors say that buyers decide on buying a house within the first eight seconds from viewing it. At a distance, view your home and check what you see within the first eight seconds. When necessary, you may have to do yard work, trimming and painting of front door.

After preparation, take photos of your home. Use a professional camera with wide-angle lens to make your property for sale look bigger. Post at least 20 good photos online of the home's interior and exterior. Remember that people pass over MLS listings with poor pictures.

Finally, get an expert Calgary real estate broker to sell your home. From the records, 80% of all present commissions are earned by 10% of all agents. Try to get one of these top agents. To find the right agent, get a personal recommendation from your local real estate office. By hiring the right broker or agent, you'll get more than your money's worth. This can help you on how to sell Calgary house fast.


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