How To Market a Calgary HouseCalgary real estate market conditions determine how Calgary realtors and agents apply their marketing techniques. During a buyer's market, when there is more inventory than buyers, agents invest more money and effort in selling the MLS Calgary listings. However, in a sellers market, Calgary agents don't need to spend as much on marketing to get a higher price. Regardless of the market conditions, marketing techniques help create exposure to attract more buyers.

1. Prepare Catchy Photos

It is true that a picture paints a thousand words. Impressive photos send good messages to those who plan on buying a house. MLS Calgary listings with no photos are passed over by viewers. In taking photos, make sure you take the best and impressive angles.

How To Market a Calgary HouseTake photos of the front areas. Clean up the streets and sidewalks before taking photos. Also remove vehicles from the front or driveway, and take away vegetation that blocks the doorway. Shoot angled and up-close photos, avoiding shade on the house.

Exterior photos are essential. With Calgary condos or townhouses that do not have yards, take photos of the outdoor amenities. Photos of the clubhouse, tennis courts, pool and spa are great to have. Before taking the exterior photos, trim the bushes and mow the lawn first. Also, remove pets and children's toys. When taking photos, emphasize the space and make long shots. Avoid shooting directly to the sun.

Interior photos are what's impressive. The home's interior gives the buyer a feel of what type of space the house has. Before taking the photos, remove all trash cans and close toilet lids. Place flower arrangements in dining rooms and kitchens. Allow light into the space - turn on the lights and open blinds & drapes. Focus on the interesting features and avoid shooting directly onto mirrors so your image won't reflect.

How To Market a Calgary House2. Practical Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are effective means to attract online buyers. Calgary MLS listings should always have virtual tours. Today's Calgary home buyer is very much impressed by virtual tours.

A well done virtual tour gives the buyer a 360-degree view of the entire home, going from room to room. This is very enticing with added music and a well narrated voice describing the home.

3. Signage helps

The signage always creates a link and is free advertising. Calgary real estate buyers will be able to contact the agent for inquiries. When your home is located at a corner lot, place two signs. A signage contains the agent's office number, mobile number or voice mail number.

4. Advertising in Print

Calgary real estate buyers who read newspapers will see your print advertising. If they say that your advertised home for sale is found everywhere, then you've done a good job. In major newspapers, pick the day with the most readership – normally Sunday. For local newspapers, run larger ads at lesser cost.

How To Market a Calgary House5. Significant Open Houses

Open houses lead to greater exposure. Making it easy for potential buyers to come in and view the home makes it easier for more people to be spreading the word about your home. Before the day of the open house, advertise it in newspapers. Also, promote the open house schedule in online sources. In more private subdivisions it is important to place signs in strategic locations to help direct buyers throughout the neighbourhood streets. Invite your neighbours.

6. Calgary Realtor Tours

If the sale of your home is represented by Calgary realtors or agents, host some tours for them. Draw as many agents as possible to view the home for sale. During the tour, agents who lingered in the home for sale will remember the details better and will relay to the buyer. The best enticement to agents to hang out is food. Hopefully, this will finally close the deal with a buyer.

7. Electronic Flyering

Modern technology has made it easy to prepare flyers electronically. Send them to prospective buyers together with multiple photos of the house for sale. You may give them to your family, coworkers and friends; Calgary real estate agents in your area; and out-of-area brokers and agents with buyers in your area.

It is essential to know how to market Calgary house during different market conditions.

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