Home Staging Tips That Will Appeal to Your Senses!

Have you ever wondered why some of the best homes for sale remain on the market for so long? It's not because of the price or other factors that one might suspect. It's mainly due to details overlooked when preparing your home for sale that greatly affect and turn off buyers.Eliminate Odours in Your Home with These Homes Staging Tips

It's interesting to note that how a home smells can affect  a home buying decision. Professional home stagers have identified that for a home attract real estate buyers, it must be appealing to the five senses. When talking about the smell of a home, it is best to act upon it at the source. 

Identify Odours at the Source: Give Your Home Better ScentsA clean smell is the best weapon to conquer odour problems. Take action at the source of odour-causing area like: smoking, pets, mould or mildew and cooking. The following are simple tips to help overcome odour issues and better prepare your house for sale: 

    • Make use of cedar chips filled inside a zippered pillowcase placed under the bed of a pet. This will absorb the unpleasant odour caused by pets. 

  • Boil a teaspoon of cinnamon, a few drops of vanilla and an apple on the stove. This will eliminate your kitchen's burnt smell. A simmering potpourri is created by adding orange peels.Freshen up Your Home with a Great Scent

  • Sprinkle baking soda on rugs, sofas and carpets, then leave it for 30 minutes before vacuuming. This will help remove odours.

  • Place a bowl of vinegar in any room of your house for a day or 2 to neutralize the smell of smoke.

  • Place a few drops of your favourite cologne or perfume on cotton balls discreetly tucked in some corners of your home. This will help freshen up the rooms.

  • Use fragrance sprays, candles and plug-ins to bring a cool fragrance to your rooms. This can work wonders when scents are carefully chosen and used moderately.

Enhance your home's appeal by removing the unwanted odours to help create the best first impression for potential home buyers. To get more information on the best home staging tips and home decor ideas, contact top Calgary Realtor® Ross PAVL. He'll provide you with an exclusive free home consultation with the best Calgary home stagers so you get even more great advice for selling your home!


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