Calgary Haunted Houses Worth Visiting This Halloween!

With the eerie chills of autumn in the midst, signs of the nearing Halloween is evident in the air. It’s that time of the year when spooky stories of ghosts, gruesome events and paranormal come alive. Children prepare their masks and costumes for the Trick or Treat and/or Halloween party.

Haunted Houses in Calgary - Calgary Real EstateBut how eerie could it be if the Halloween party is held in one of the haunted houses in Calgary? Most of these houses are converted already to venues for public gatherings or sites to reminisce historical events. The more-than-a-century-old city of Calgary has several known haunted houses. Let’s take a look at some of these unique houses in Calgary worth visiting.

According to some sources, these are the most well known haunted houses in Calgary:

The Deane House

Haunted Houses in Calgary - The Deane HouseBuilt in the year 1906, the Deane House is nestled on the Inglewood bridge’s other side from Fort Calgary. According to stories, several murders, suicides and accidental deaths have transpired through the years in this house.

The Calgary Association of Paranormal Investigations (CAPI) confirmed with proofs that the Deane House is “most definitely haunted.” In the hope of documenting evidence, they gathered photographs of the house but always turned out as blurry. Referred to as “vortex” or an electromagnetic disturbance by paranormal researchers, the place caused fully charged recorders to get drained upon entering the attic.

A disconnected telephone continues to ring followed by a smell of smoke. And there’s a bloodstain outside a closet which remains open despite efforts to lock it, with everything placed inside it found outside of it a few minutes later and with the lock laying on the ground.

The Cross House 

Haunted Houses in Calgary - The Cross HouseSituated in the core of Inglewood, the Cross House was built by Alfred Ernest Cross in 1899. It was a historical site in 1977 and was transformed in the mid 1980s into the present Rouge Restaurant.

As one of CAPI’s earliest projects, the Cross House investigation turned up to be very productive. The spooky stories of some staff guided them in their research. The staff said they often hear boisterous laughter from the basement,frying pans moving on their own in the kitchen and the heavy freezer door shutting on its own.

Another bizarre and spooky event was when the CAPI research team captured a voice recording on their camera microphone with a figure flying away when all the CAPI team members had left already the room after stating their names into the camera mic.

The Suitor House

Haunted Houses in Calgary - The Suitor HouseBack in the year 1907, this haunted house was originally owned by Robert Suitor. A tragedy happened on this site when a railroad worker who lived in this house got killed accidentally. His wife mourned so much over his death that she later died herself.

The say the railroad worker’s dead wife comes back to this house in a form of a ghost who frequents the place and is seen by visitors.

The Lougheed House

Haunted Houses in Calgary - The Lougheed House Built in 1891, this grand sandstone mansion which was previously the home of Senator James Alexander Lougheed and his wife Isabella, was expanded in 1907 to accommodate their growing family.

Located in Downtown Calgary, this house is now a national historic site operated by the Lougheed House Conservation Society. Many people claim this Lougheed House to be haunted, with some witnessing ghostly appearances of a translucent couple dancing in the ballroom. Some also see an old woman in old-fashioned dress appearing at the front window looking out. It’s actually the place where Mrs. Lougheed would sit watching the bustling Calgary streets outside.

The Prince House

Haunted Houses in Calgary - The Prince HouseBuilt in 1894, the Prince House was originally owned by Peter Anthony Price, an affluent local entrepreneur. He married four times, with the first three wives predeceasing him. In the year 1925, Prince died and the house was handed down to Heritage Park as a donation in 1966.

The Prince House is known to be a haunted house, with strange things happening in the house. According to one of its security guards, he had noticed that all the lights on the 3rd floor went on, when there was actually no electricity there. It went extremely bright while the rest of the other floors were dark.

Another security guard also noticed that the balcony window on the third level kept on swinging open and closed. He brought in a guard dog but it froze up, with its hair standing up, ears pointing down and its tail down between its legs. When the dog ran out the door, it went back to being normal again. Some staff also heard loud stomping on the second level with several objects being misplaced. Some people have seen a woman dressed in a flowing white dress at the home’s nursery playing with a baby, but it disappears when they look again.

The intrigue of these haunted houses in Calgary continues to attract visitors and residents in the city especially when Halloween rolls around. There are many other great houses in Calgary to visit and more reasons to call this great city home! 

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