Generally, when dealing with Calgary homes that are not for sale, you need a Calgary real estate agent to guide you in the real estate market. Here are some tips on how to find Calgary real estate agent that is right for you.

1. Meet the Calgary real estate agent active at work.

Since the working area of the Calgary real estate agent is not his office, it is best to meet him in his actual work. Good real estate agents are seldom seen at their desks.

2. Find Calgary real estate agent with several closed sales and some years of experience.

The more sales closed by the Calgary real estate agent indicates that he is competent to do the task. He may be willing to knock on doors and do the sales.

3. Attend open houses to find Calgary real estate agent.

Sometimes, open houses may not actually interest you, especially when the property does not suit your needs. But the open house is a great avenue for buyers to meet agents and agents to meet buyers. The open house can actually help you deal with your next Calgary real estate needs.

4. Referrals of friends or relatives may help.

A Calgary real estate agent who has done positive results for a relative or friend can also produce the same results for you. This agent can easily be referred to assist you in your real estate needs.

5. The Calgary real estate agent must be online.

In today's modern way of Calgary real estate marketing, internet is indispensable. More than 85% of buyers search the internet and initially view their homes online. For the agent to be able to serve competently and readily, he must be internet savvy.

6. Widen your search for Calgary real estate agents.

Among the real estate agents of your preference, consider the Calgary real estate agent that you can trust. After several hours of probing, take time to know the agent better. Don't rush into signing anything unless you fully know the agent that you are dealing with. Choose the agent who is realistic and can be trusted.

7. Choose a hard-working Calgary real estate agent.

A busy real estate agent indicates that he is a go-getter and a hard-worker to achieve a goal. However, an agent who is too busy may not be able to personally attend to your needs. An agent can only work effectively up to a certain degree, like a dozen sellers and half-dozen buyers at a given time. More than that may no longer be effective. Passing you to an assistant is a sign that you need to find another Calgary real estate agent.

8. Choose a knowledgeable Calgary real estate agent.

Test the Calgary real estate agent on significant real estate questions. Your agent of choice must be someone who knows about the industry more than you do. Since this is his field of profession, he must be seasoned enough to assist you in all your real estate needs especially on local knowledge in city settings.

9. Select the best Calgary real estate agent when buying a house first time.

Choose the agent who has enough experience and able to guide you through the complex process of buying a house. This includes the requirements in the loan process.

10. Check and search the agent's MLS Calgary listings online.

In today's real estate market, real estate listings must come with professional photos. This shows how professional the Calgary real estate agent is in operating within the present real estate industry.

11. Consider a respectable real estate agent.

When dealing with an agent, choose one who networks and is respected by other agents. It is ideal to choose a seasoned real estate agent with good working relationships with other agents in the area. This would translate into good business.

12. Check the character references of your agent.

It is important to know the background and character of the real estate agent you're dealing with. Ask from other agents if they know and respect him.

13. Know where your agent lives.

It is essential to ask the real estate agent where he lives. If he lives and practices his profession as an agent in the locality, then he knows the market well enough to answer essential questions. He would perfectly know the community, schools and other amenities especially in large cities.

14. Ask your real estate agent if he can recommend service providers.

This may be needed in mortgages, home repairs and other services. The agent should recommend more than one service provider and is not bound to receive compensation.

15. Choose a full time real estate agent.

The demands of the work require a full time agent. If he's doing it full time, ask him how long he has been doing this full time work. Although newer agents may also be capable, an informed decision can be best attained by experienced and full time real estate agents. These agents must also be up-to-date with technology.

16. Determine whether the real estate agent is working for the buyer or the seller.

Ask him for whom he's working for in the transaction. A real estate agent for the seller will always tend to serve for the best interest of the seller.

17. Ask the real estate agent through which means of communication he will give an update.

Ask also how frequent will the update be.

18. Dealing with Calgary real estate agent and the Sale:

  • It may take some time that the busy real estate agent will be able to respond to your message. Don't expect him to respond immediately, but he will within 24 hours.
  • Don't call agents after some hours, like past 9pm or so.
  • Like any commodity, houses for sale follow the law of supply and demand. Make a timely sale and avoid being too emotional in the sale or purchase of a Calgary real estate.

19. Check other properties in the same neighborhood to know home prices.

This gives you a basic idea on the Calgary real estate market that you're entering. By doing this, you will be prepared to talk with the real estate agent.

20. Deal with a local Calgary real estate expert.

Find an agent who specializes in real estate within your desired community. He can best serve you knowing the area very well, compared to your original agent who may be an outsider.

21. Select the most appropriate Calgary realtor for you.

When you want to buy a house for sale, look for a buyer broker or agent; otherwise look for a seller agent to secure a buyer for you. Choose the real estate agent who may serve best your interest.


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