Most Calgary real estate clients make a deal based on price and the amount of money they save. They would reasonably ask if it is worth it to hire a Calgary real estate agent. Paying real estate commissions these days can amount to as high as tens of thousands of dollars. The answer to this basic question would actually depend on the circumstances.

Calgary Real Estate AgentDuring a seller's market, when there are less inventory of Calgary homes for sale and there are more buyers, an MLS Calgary listing easily gets sold. However, during a buyer's market, when inventory of Calgary houses for sale exceeds the supply of buyers, some homes for sale do not actually sell. In this case, extra work and expertise are needed. Only when the house for sale is priced well, sufficiently exposed to so much buyers and showed well, that the Calgary MLS listing gets sold. It is wiser then to hire a Calgary real estate agent during this market condition.

MLS Calgary Listing and Online Marketing

When listing a Calgary property for sale online, it is important for one to follow the guidelines on effective advertising. One of the essential factors that attract clients who plan on buying a house are the photos. Definitely a picture paints a thousand words. Calgary MLS listings without photos are passed over without a second thought.

Nowadays, many MLS Calgary listing services accept 20 photos for each listing. It is wiser then for a Calgary real estate agent to hire a professional photographer and come up with the most number of photos. Professional sorting of photos results to select ones that display the best angles, most light and sharpest colour & contrast. It pays to invest on great photos of the home for sale.

Advertising Via Signage

Labeling or putting up signage is a means of free advertising. It is advisable then to invest in signage and be recognized in the Calgary real estate market. The important contents of the advertisement would include: the main office number; website for more information; agent's personal mobile number or voice mail number; virtual tour links; and the unique & special characteristics of the home for sale.

Showing & Open House of Calgary Homes for Sale

What makes the picture complete is the actual view of the Calgary home for sale. However, not all houses for sale are fit for an open house. For those other houses, the services of an experienced agent are needed, to point out impressive features.

It may be advisable to ask the Calgary real estate seller what made him decide to buy the home. The seller may tell that the moment came when he stood at a certain point in the house viewing a beautiful spot that made him decide. It is wise then to let the buyer stand at that same spot, and he may eventually make that same decision.

Expert Negotiation

In the highly competitive Calgary real estate business, it takes a highly competent and skilled Calgary real estate agent to win the listing. It reflects his expertise in negotiation that you need during offer negotiations. This shows that being able to convince you for engaging the reasonable service, the Calgary real estate agent will be able to convince the buyer to pay the reasonable price. This ultimately fulfills your goal to earn more money.

Deciding on the Listing Price

Pricing of the Calgary property for sale should be based on reasonable points. It should take into account the prices of comparable houses, supply and demand scenario and the actual Calgary real estate market conditions.

Sometimes, real estate agents lose Calgary MLS listings for promising the seller of a higher price and lower commission. The home for sale would later be re-listed in MLS Calgary listing with price reduction. Oftentimes, the reduction in price exceeds the difference in commissions of competing agents.

Avoid price reductions of great magnitude. Engage in the much needed services of a Calgary real estate agent.

What a Calgary Real Estate Agent is Worth

Calgary real estate agents are paid by real estate brokers. From the total commission, the broker retains a cut, sometimes 50%, with the balance paid to the agent. With that, the agent pays taxes and overhead, amounting to about 50% of the net. A listing agent's actual salary is 20% to 30% of 1/2 of the commission.

These professional real estate agents refuse to compromise their service that is why they tend to charge more.


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