Aspen Woods is considered a true gem in Calgary, Alberta for a variety of reasons. Considered a prime location for luxury homes, it is situated on the edge of Kananaskis Country and Bragg Creek. This is a location that is drawing in young entrepreneurs and executives due to its upscale residences. Its proximity to retail shopping and professional opportunities is another advantage that attracts residents to this area. When it comes to receiving a quality education, parents can rest assured that their children will have access to some of the best schools around. In addition to public schools, private and charter schools are available to offer more favourable options. When considering a move to Aspen Woods, one should always take educational opportunities into consideration, making learning environments a top priority before selecting a home.

Private and Charter Schools in the Aspen Woods Area


Private Schools in Aspen Woods: Offering Students a Path to Excellence

Aspen Woods Calgary offers parents many private school choices for their children: Webber Academy, Calgary Academy, Rundle CollegeCalgary French & International School and Lycée Louis Pasteur nearby. The most popular private school in Aspen Woods is Webber Academy, with a grade K-12 student population of almost 1,000 on a 47-acre campus. This private institution sets the bar high, placing the highest expectations on all of its student body. The academy accepts students from kindergarten through grade twelve. It offers rigorous coursework to ensure its young adult students are prepared for immediate entrance to university upon graduation. The focus is on developing well-rounded individuals as certified teachers support a curriculum that goes above and beyond the standards set by the government. Students attending Webber Academy are able to enjoy individualized attention as they focus on reaching their full potential.

A comprehensive list of The Best Private Schools in Calgary reveals that the top schools on the list are in or near the Aspen Woods area. The list, compiled by the Fraser Institute, placed Calgary French & International School as the Best Private Elementary School in Calgary with a ranking of 9.7 out of 10 and there was a tie between Rundle College Senior High School and Webber Academy as the Best Private High Schools in Calgary with a ranking of 10.

Charter Schools in Aspen Woods: A Place Where the Gifted Can Thrive

Charter schools are only found in Alberta and were introduced in 1994 to provide specialized and enhanced education programs. They are not-for-profit organizations, do not charge tuition and receive the same amount of funding per student from the province as public schools. There are currently six charter schools in Calgary:  Connect Charter School, Foundations for the Future, Calgary Girls' School, Calgary Arts Academy, Westmount Charter School and Almadina Charter School. Families living in Aspen Woods can send their children to any one of these charter schools depending on the academic focus and how long they are prepared to wait to be admitted. The primary goal of any charter school is to offer an alternative to public schools where only the best of the best are able to attend, providing an enriching environment that breeds success. Westmount Charter School is the only Calgary charter school with an intense focus on gifted children, helping those with the potential for the extraordinary to have a differentiated education that will meet their needs. Gifted learning, affective learning, social responsibility, and overall well-being are some of the core values stressed at Westmount. Students who attend Westmount are offered many opportunities to achieve excellence in a safe, supportive environment.

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To discover all of the benefits and amenities offered in Aspen Woods, contact Ross PAVL at (403) 837-8100 today. If education is of the utmost importance to you, Ross PAVL is a key source of valuable information, providing details about private and charter schools in Aspen Woods and the available homes around them.

In addition, learn about prime properties that provide the perfect setting for a family to enjoy all that life has to offer. Aspen Woods' prime westside location provides homeowners with the best amenities to help them raise their families. Discover why Aspen Woods is one of Calgary's most sought after communities with its excellent schools. We look forward to welcoming you to the community!


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