NEW KID ON THE BLOCK: Alforno First Street

By Teatro Group

Alforno First Street is the new kid on the block in Calgary’s bustling Victoria Park neighbourhood. The Teatro Group’s newest addition in the First Street Market is part of a nine vendor food hall that puts community and connection at the forefront. Located on the main floor between The Underwood and Union Square towers, the market houses Actually Pretty Good, Raw by Robyn, Friends with Benedicts, Hi 5, La Mano, Moose and Poncho, Pure Street Food and Saffron Street. Alforno’s second location brings an elevated experience to the new locale in a beautifully designed space.

Their gleaming custom-made gold bar designed by McKinley Studios draws in the eye, which then focuses on intricate…

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The Future of the Downtown Core

By Simon Rose

As the pandemic has progressed over the last eighteen months or more, there’s often been talk of what society and local economies will look like in the post-COVID world. Within these discussions has been talk of how people will return to the office and other workplaces. How companies plan to persuade people to return to the office, after they’ve become accustomed to being at home and adjusting their daily schedules accordingly, hasn’t really been explained. In many larger cities, especially in North America, the downtown core has usually been the centre of economic activity. Yes, there have always been workplaces in many different parts of the geographic region that a city occupies, and in recent…

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What is UBI?

By James Clarke-Lister

What exactly is UBI and why is it such a controversial subject? In its simplest form,
according to Investopedia, UBI is an unconditional periodic cash payment. This payment
is one the government distributes to all individual adult citizens, not just households.
Payments are made to all citizens regardless of their situation or requirement to work.
Typically, the payment comes in the form of a bi-weekly or monthly deposit/cheque. The
universal amount is the same for everyone. There is no social hierarchy to deem this
measure of pay. For example, a doctor and a student will receive the same amount.
This idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI), or ‘mincome,’ dates back roughly half a
century ago. It continues to be a hot…

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Innovations Health Clinics: Where Healing is About the Whole Person

By Carla Grundison

Being entrepreneurs in health and wellness is natural for Dr. Neville Reddy, MD and Sureshini Reddy, MBA – the husband-and-wife team behind Calgary’s two Innovations Health Clinics.

Their philosophy is that healing the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions – is essential to overall wellness, and that to achieve this requires a combination of cutting edge medicine and ancient healing practices.

With mind-body healing as the guiding principle, Innovations Health Clinics offer services in three main areas:  conventional medicine (family practice, podiatry, internal medicine, pain management), rehabilitation medicine (physiotherapy, chiropractic,…

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TAAS - Transportation as a Service

By Simon Rose

The pandemic has brought many changes to our daily lives, some of which may be temporary and others permanent. I drove my car considerably less in the last eighteen months, restricting myself to essential trips and so on, but of course still had to register the car, have insurance, maintain the vehicle, and buy fuel, even when the vast majority of the time the car wasn’t being used. Like you, I’ve always assumed that car ownership is an integral part of my life. However, what if that wasn’t the case? What if car ownership, at least in the way that people all over the world have become so accustomed to, became a thing of the past? Hard to imagine, isn’t it? And yet this is the concept behind…

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