MODERN MINING - Mining the Space of the Crypto Market

By Mario Toneguzzi

Modern Mining, a unique Bitcoin mining company, has been established in Calgary with plans to build a flagship facility in Medicine Hat using 100 per cent immersion cooling technology and the most efficient mining hardware in the world.

The company is being operated by Shawn Banack, Chief Executive Officer, Jason McCagherty, Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Chernesky, Chief Financial Officer and Sebastian Elawny, Chief Legal Officer.

“All four of us – the directors that got together – have been involved in crypto (currency) for several years,” says Chernesky. “I started in early 2017. I heard about Bitcoin years before that but like most people didn’t think too much of…

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J. Vair Anderson Jewellers - Uncovering Calgary’s Oldest Jewel

By Danielle Rourke

“If it was easy, there would be a lot more of it.” J.Vair – on summing up 70+ years of success. 

It was 1909, it was Montreal, and it was where it all began. J. Vair Anderson was a young man, patiently completing his training to become a watchmaker. After skilfully completing his mission, he soon excitedly boards a train heading west.  Originally on route to Vancouver and California, he makes a stop in Calgary to visit his uncle Harry Anderson. He never leaves. Once in Calgary, J.Vair is introduced to DE Black, one of the city’s first notable jewellers. Immediately struck by J. Vair’s talent, Black quickly offers him a spot on his first jewellery bench. J. Vair…

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SOKO – Getting Local with SOKO

By Mario Toneguzzi

Successful Calgary entrepreneur Nikhil Sonpal got his inspiration for a new venture after the traumatic experience of a cycling accident.

The mishap landed him with two broken ribs.

While recuperating from his injuries, Sonpal was trying to find local products but was having a difficult time doing that online.

That’s when the idea of SokoLocal came to mind – a new local product search engine. And the idea has been wildly successful being launched in the trying times of a pandemic and ongoing economic turmoil. The search engine hit one million products on June 1 after launching March 1. As of mid June, it was 1.5 million products.

“Our focus has really been my focus predominantly to give…

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Terry Gregoraschuk – Where Art Lives

By Danielle Rourke

Terry Gregoraschuk understands art. So it seems only natural that he established the The Knox Contemporary Gallery of Art. In 2018, this gallery was set up in a 1700 sq. ft. space at Eau Claire Market, its goal, to support and showcase the artwork of upcoming contemporary artists. Artwork that is unique and not found anywhere else in Calgary is represented here. Terry understands that Calgary can be a hard nut to crack when it comes to gaining representation in a gallery. 

This artist-run gallery is different. An art studio was implemented within the main gallery space to provide interaction with patrons, to truly show the creative process. This proved to be a great success as patrons…

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