Calgary Census Confirms Continued Population Growth

The recently released 2015 City of Calgary census report revealed the population increased 2.99% to 1,230,915 this year from last year’s 1,195,194, adding 35,721 more Calgarians. It marked another year of robust growth for the city, making it attractive for those planning to relocate. Covering the period from April 2014 to April 2015, the Calgary census results are used for the city's strategic planning.

Growing New Calgary Communities

2015 City of Calgary Census - Population Growth Benefits New Calgary Communities

Leading the population growth of all the Calgary communities was the northwest Calgary community of Evanston, with an increase of 2,853 this year. Please visit Evanston Homes for Sale to browse real estate listing and read more about what this community has to offer.

The following Calgary communities placed after Evanston in the rankings with a population increase of more than 1,000:

Mahogany      (2,300)   SE Calgary Community    View Mahogany Homes for Sale
Auburn Bay    (2,064)   SE Calgary Community    View Auburn Bay Homes for Sale
Cranston        (1,831)   SE Calgary Community    View Cranston Homes for Sale
Copperfield    (1,468)   SE Calgary Community    View Copperfield Homes for Sale
Saddleridge   (1,219)   NE Calgary Community    View Saddleridge Homes for Sale
Nolan Hill       (1,173)   NW Calgary Community   View Nolan Hill Homes for Sale
Redstone       (1,120)   NE Calgary Community    View Redstone Homes for Sale
Skyview         (1,055)   NE Calgary Community    View Skyview Ranch Homes for Sale

Although last year was a record year for Calgary population growth, that increase was only about 3,000 more people than the increase in population growth this year.

The new census also revealed 24,909 more people moved to Calgary than moved out of the city between April 2014 and April 2015. Natural increase in population (or births over deaths) remained at a more or less the same level of 10,812, compared to last year.

Calgary Real Estate and the Growing Communities

2015 City of Calgary Census - Population Growth Benefits New Calgary Communities

The city’s continued growth in population bears positive impact on the Calgary real estate industry and the growing new Calgary communities. Calgary houses, both under construction and existing, increased by 2.92% this year to 492,623 - an addition of 14,400 more housing units.

For those looking to relocate to Calgary, there are thousands of vacant Calgary housing units to choose from. These are houses in Calgary that are suitable and available for occupancy, excluding those which are under renovation or construction. According to the recent census, the vacancy rate slightly increased this year to 2.64% from 2.01% last year. There were 3,211 more vacant dwelling units added, totalling 12,526 for this year, compared to 9,315 the previous year.

Currently, there are 462,461 occupied Calgary housing units; 319,793 units or 69.15% of which are owner occupied. Owner-occupancy this year is higher compared to last year’s 68.73%.


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