Search Calgary Homes in These Top Rated Calgary Communities

Calgary was nominated as the fifth most livable city in the world in 2015, and as such, offers a lot of beautiful lifestyle features to those who are looking for the best Calgary real estate. Avenue Magazine, in partnership with Leger Marketing, recently released their list of best neighbourhoods in Calgary to live in.

Best Calgary Neighbourhoods - Downtown CalgaryThe criteria used in ranking the 178 Calgary communities include walkability, real estate prices, access to pathways and parks, crime statistics and such others. The survey also highlighted what families found most desirable as well as those currently renting in these Calgary neighbourhoods.

According to Avenue Magazine, most of the people surveyed prefer their neighbourhoods…

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Calgary Luxury Homes Have Modern Interior Design

A home is a castle and is the ideal place to reflects its owner’s personality. Every homeowner has unique tastes and preferences that can be found in every corner of a luxury home. Those who prefer the many conveniences in life want to be lavished upon with great amenities when living in a luxury home. These are the most complete and almost perfect homes with exquisite finishings, lavish amenities, state-of-the-art designs and convenient features.
  Calgary luxury home builders are savvy enough to incorporate the latest modern trends that offer the most efficient and convenient lifestyles to homeowners. Some of the luxury features are necessary while others simply add to the aesthetic beauty and…

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Are You Searching for Affordable Homes in Calgary?

When you’re thinking of buying a house or any Calgary property, you’ll definitely be delighted when you come across one that is relatively affordable and has great growth potential.

Most Affordable Calgary Neighbourhoods with Great Growth Potential For those planing to move and buy a residential property, there’s a large selection of homes for sale in Calgary for you to choose from., Canada's top personal finance website, recently released a list of the top Calgary communities that you should consider for your next home purchase.

Here are the top 10 most affordable Calgary neighbourhoods with the lowest average home prices, but with great growth potential, according to MoneySense:

No. 1: Deer Ridge (Southeast)          View Homes for Sale in Deer…

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Calgary Interior Designers With New Home Decor Ideas

Interior design is what makes a Calgary home attractive. Aside from enhancing a Calgary home’s aesthetic beauty, interior design helps manage space, harmonize colours and add functionality to your home. Calgary interior designers are creating impressive modern house designs that appeal to most buyers in today's market by creating open spaces with the right colours and materials that enhance the natural flow of daily activities.

Calgary Luxury Homes - Best Calgary Interior Design TrendsMost Calgary real estate buyers look at price when looking for the "best deal". But what makes people decide to buy an expensive luxury home? Since homeowners spend most of their time inside their home, the interior design, layout and finishing of Calgary luxury homes become…

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Deciding on What Your Next Calgary Home Will Be?

The perfect Calgary home that is suitable for you depends on the kind of lifestyle you're looking for. Most people consider location, nearby amenities, floor plan layout, security and what kind of community is the home in. If you dream of living a relaxed and care-free lifestyle, then living in a Calgary condo may be for you.

Lifestyle Benefits of Calgary Condos - Great Views   Calgary condos may be townhouses, villa homes, duplexes, low-rise or high-rise apartment buildings, triplexes, 4-plexes freestanding houses in a bareland condominium or mixed-use buildings - condos above stores or offices. They may be re-sale, brand new or conversions from other uses.

Here are the lifestyle benefits of Calgary condos:

Maintenance Free.   Living…

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