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Have You Considered These Calgary Neighbourhoods?

The city of Calgary's population has grown tremendously over the past 15 years and still remains a desirable place to live. Having been the leader of the economic boom in Canada over the past 5 years, Calgary continues to offer an unbeatable lifestyle in a clean and peaceful city. In fact, Calgary placed 5th in the 2015 World’s Most Livable Cities report recently released by The Economist.

Most Family Friendly Calgary Communities - Downtown CalgaryFamilies relocating to Calgary will find an abundance of cultural and lifestyle options available in the many Calgary communities located throughout the four quadrants of the city: NW, SW, NE & SE Calgary. Since a significant part of starting a family is finding a safe and convenient neighbourhood, it is worth…
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Calgary Homes Sell Faster With These Landscaping Tips

If you think you’re ready to sell your Calgary home, think again.

Landscaping Ideas to Help Sell Your Calgary Home - Front Yard LandscapingWhen you’re planning to sell your home in today's Calgary real estate market, a lot of preparation is needed to make a quick sale. Although it’s normal for people to spend much of their time upgrading, renovating and repairing the interiors before putting up their house for sale, sufficient time should also be spent on the home’s exterior appearance since it reflects much of what’s inside. Improving your home's landscaping will increase your odds of attracting prospective home buyers and make them want to see what’s inside.

When you're ready to put your home up for sale on the Calgary MLS®, make sure that your house is totally…
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The Wealthiest Canadian Neighbourhoods in 2015

In the recent survey conducted by Reputation Institute, Canada was voted as the Most Reputable Country in the World. Aside from its many career opportunities, Canada has continued to attract immigrants because of its “friendly and welcoming” people, as well as it being a healthy place to live.

Canada's Wealthiest Neighbourhoods - Study by Canadian Business MagazineBut where do the most affluent people in Canada live? Let’s take a look at the results of the recent study by the Canadian Business Magazine and Environics Analytics on the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Canada, based on the highest average household net worth.

From the list, the neighbourhood of Sunnybrook in Toronto, Ontario ranked first with an average household net worth of $4,009,219. Five neighbourhoods in…
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Calgary Home Builders See a "Green Calgary" With Modern Green Homes

Among the major developments in Calgary real estate for the last decade are the increasingly popular green homes and energy efficient Calgary homes. Nowadays, people are considering Calgary green homes or building homes which are much more energy efficient and friendly to the environment.

Go Green With Calgary Green Homes Green living means a lifestyle that aims to balance the preservation and conservation of the earth’s habitats, natural resources and biodiversity with humanity and communities. Green home building has become a major growth industry and many Calgary home builders have implemented green home ideas and built more green living homes. Look for names like "Built Green", or "Eco Green Homes", or "Modern…
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On the List of the World's Most Livable Cities for 5 Years!

The Economist recently released the 2015 Global Liveability Ranking of the world’s most livable cities as surveyed by the magazine’s Intelligence Unit. The criteria ranking included factors like culture & environment, stability, infrastructure, healthcare and educational resources with 140 cities in the world being surveyed .

Calgary Ranked 5th on List of Most Livable Cities in the WorldThe survey showed that the city of Calgary came in 5th spot - tied with Adelaide, Australia. Two other Canadian cities, Vancouver and Toronto, ranked 3rd and 4th, respectively. It is worth noting that Calgary has ranked 5th in the world’s most livable cities consistently from 2010 until the present. 

Based on ratings from 0 to 100, the 140 cities were ranked according to…
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Kitchen Renovations Are a Sure Way to Impress Buyers

Considered the main focal point in a house, the kitchen gets the most traffic in a day. It serves as the hub of a home where people converge and spend more time together. Today, the modern kitchen serves many functions other than meal preparation.

Why a Beautiful Kitchen Makes a Difference in Selling Your Calgary HouseA modern kitchen always leaves a better impression with potential buyers since it is such an important part of a home's living space. For newly built homes, it is essential that the kitchen design incorporates an open concept as well as a contemporary look. Today's buyer expects a Calgary kitchen to set the standard for the feel of the home when they are out comparing houses in Calgary.

Here are some reasons why a full functioning modern kitchen is…
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Study Reveals Why Immigrating to Canada so Desirable

Canada regained the top spot in this year’s World’s Most Reputable Countries - an annual ranking of countries by the Reputation Institute, the world’s leading reputation-based research advisory firm based in Boston and Copenhagen.

Canada Voted as the Most Reputable Country in the WorldBoosted by its people’s “friendly and welcoming” attitude, Canada was voted as the most reputable country in the world in 2015. This is the fourth year that Canada occupied the top spot in six years, since the survey was first introduced by the Reputation Institute.

The survey was conducted on 48,000 respondents from the G8 countries. Some additional 30,000 respondents from big non-G8 countries were also surveyed. The following categories were used by the Reputation…
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Great Moving Tips to Use When Your Calgary Home Has SOLD!

After selling your Calgary home, you may be eager to move into your new home but at the same time feel pressured with the amount of work that lies ahead. Moving doesn’t have to be that stressful. You can actually enjoy packing and moving if you plan ahead and get organized.

Moving Tips - Useful Moving Tips Once Your Calgary Home SellsHere are a few useful moving tips to help you with moving day once you sell your Calgary home:

Prepare your timetable and budget.

Before your scheduled moving day, prepare a timetable to help you start packing and help you with a smooth transition into your new home. Your Calgary Realtor® can help give you some moving tips after the successful sale of your Calgary house. Focus on your budget and the number of people…
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Calgary Census Confirms Continued Population Growth

The recently released 2015 City of Calgary census report revealed the population increased 2.99% to 1,230,915 this year from last year’s 1,195,194, adding 35,721 more Calgarians. It marked another year of robust growth for the city, making it attractive for those planning to relocate. Covering the period from April 2014 to April 2015, the Calgary census results are used for the city's strategic planning.

Growing New Calgary Communities

2015 City of Calgary Census - Population Growth Benefits New Calgary Communities

Leading the population growth of all the Calgary communities was the northwest Calgary community of Evanston, with an increase of 2,853 this year. Please visit Evanston Homes for Sale to browse real estate listing and read more about what this community…
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