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Aspen Woods is considered a true gem in Calgary, Alberta for a variety of reasons. Considered a prime location for luxury homes, it is situated on the edge of Kananaskis Country and Bragg Creek. This is a location that is drawing in young entrepreneurs and executives due to its upscale residences. Its proximity to retail shopping and professional opportunities is another advantage that attracts residents to this area. When it comes to receiving a quality education, parents can rest assured that their children will have access to some of the best schools around. In addition to public schools, private and charter schools are available to offer more favourable options. When considering a move to Aspen Woods, one should always take educational opportunities

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The prestigious area of Aspen Woods in Calgary plays host to a wealth of beautiful homes, spacious yards and breathtaking scenery. Those that live in this bustling community are only satisfied with the best, and when it comes to wine, the best is found at the Italian winery of Merlo Vinoteca.

Merlo Vinoteca Wines Aspen Woods

Types of Wines that can be Found at Merlo Vinoteca

The Merlo Vinoteca wine store is home to a wonderful selection of wines that are unavailable anywhere else in the area. Visitors will find that there are many different types of wine available, such as popular favorites like Castiglioni Chianta and Barolo Cannubi, as well as the rare wines of Elio Grasso and Voerzio.

Guests will discover that each presented wine comes with a wonderful history to it, an

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Staging a home properly can be the difference between selling quickly and watching it sit on the market for weeks or months. Fortunately, staging a home is not as difficult as it sounds. What are a few things that a homeowner can do to make sure that a home is staged in a manner that will show off a home's full potential? Let's take a look!

Staging Tips for Aspen Woods home

1) Don't Skimp on Curb Appeal

The first thing that a buyer is going to see is the outside of the home. Therefore, it is important that the driveway is sealed, the front door has a fresh coat of paint on it and that there are flowers or shrubs to add color that will lure a buyer to a property.

2) Make the Floor Plan Seem as Open as Possible

Buyers adore open floor plans. Making a room seem as large and

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Sitting just outside of the Calgary city limits, Aspen Woods is a charming community that is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in western Canada. With its proximity to the city coupled with its relaxed ambiance, it is just as suitable for families with children as it is for retirees and single adults. If you have already purchased real estate in Aspen Woods or if you are thinking about purchasing a new property, you may wonder what is required to construct a deck on your home. A deck can make your outdoor space more usable and relaxing, and there are many gorgeous days each year when you will make ample use of a deck. There are rules in place that you need to follow when building a deck on your Aspen Woods home; below we'll take a closer

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Located on the corner of 85th Street and 17th Avenue Southwest, Aspen Landing is a wonderful shopping locale situated in the lovely Aspen Woods neighbourhood. The mall is replete with a variety of high-end shops, boutiques and services situated in comfortable environs. Here's a peek at what Aspen Landing has to offer.

Shopping In Aspen Woods Calgary

Terrific Beauty, Fitness and Wellness Shops

Aspen Landing features studios dedicated to uplifting the spirit. Moksha Yoga has a variety of classes that meet the needs of yogis of different skills and experience, hosted in a studio built with tranquillity in mind. The Body and Brain Wellness Centre is another great place to boost health and relaxation. This facility offers holistic health and training programs that teach people

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Moksha yoga traces its roots to ancient spiritual traditions from India and has spread across North America over the past few decades. A result of this newfound popularity is a sharp increase in the amount of studios offering Moksha yoga classes. Here are five reasons why residents of Aspen Woods should consider visiting Moksha Yoga Calgary West.

Yoga Fan in Aspen Woods

The Health Benefits of Moksha Yoga

The mindful practice of yoga provides a variety of health benefits for practitioners. Moksha yoga postures are designed to strengthen muscles, especially in your core. The movements also stretch and lengthen muscles, relieving stress while promoting better vascular flow. Following proper alignment when practising yoga reduces the stress on your musculoskeletal system

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