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When it's time to retire, it's often time to relocate, too. If you're a Calgary local, and have been for the majority of your life, it’s unlikely that you want to leave the Calgary area. If this is the case, you may be on the hunt for Calgary suburbs that might be more suitable to your retirement lifestyle, in which case you should certainly consider the sought-after southwest Calgary suburb of Aspen Woods. Here are just a handful of reasons why this southwest Calgary gem is worth a look for your retirement home.

Retiring in Aspen Woods: Why This Southwest Calgary Gem is Worth a Look

Aspen Woods: Where Quiet Meets Convenient

Having spent many years in the business world dealing with the hustle and bustle on a daily basis, you’ll probably want to remove yourself from that setting now that you're ready to retire.

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Aspen Woods is an affluent neighbourhood in the city of Calgary. This area is situated in a location that provides access to the benefits of city living as well as a taste of life in the country. Here are five aspects of Aspen Woods that strike an excellent balance between modern city life and laid-back country living.

Five Reasons Why Aspen Woods Is the Perfect Balance between Country and City Life

Close Proximity to Mountains and Parks

The Aspen Woods neighbourhood is located towards the edge of the city, in the southwest region of Calgary. Living outside of the dense downtown core, residents of Aspen Woods have an easier time getting away from the city and escaping into mountains, provincial parks, lakes, forests and other settings of natural glory found just outside Calgary. Alberta features some of the most beautiful

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Aspen Woods is a great place to raise a family. The southwestern Calgary community is home to many great schools and neighbourhood facilities. The Fraser Institute offers school ratings and ranks in four Canadian Provinces. Here is Aspen Woods' current list of top elementary schools according to the Fraser Institute.

Aspen Woods' Top Elementary Schools According to the Fraser Institute

Number Three: Calgary French and International Thinks Globally

Calgary French and International has a rating of nine out of ten according to the Fraser Institute. With an average parent income of approximately $150 000, Calgary French and International school has an ESL percentage of 15.5 percent. The private school is a part of the Calgary French and International School Society, and is ranked 19th in a total of 782 Alberta

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If you're in the market for a new home, you may be weighing your dwelling options. There are different lifestyles that come with different types of homes, and not all of them suit everybody. If you're trying to decide between a condominium and a house, here are five points to consider.

Consider These Five Points When Choosing between Condo and House

Those Who Love Lawns or Yearn for a Yard

Those with a green thumb or a flare for landscaping may love having a yard to clip and groom. Others, however, would rather not be bothered with regular mowing, weeding and watering. If you've had a large yard in the past and found the maintenance bothersome, you're likely to be much happier leaving the landscaping to someone else. There are other exterior items to consider well. The upkeep on a home exterior can be

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Aspen Woods is a beautiful place to have a home and to grow a garden. Urban green thumbs love to landscape their yards and tend to their gardens. If you are looking for the perfect plants for your Aspen Woods home, here are three varieties that thrive in Calgary's climate.

Urban Green Thumbs Three Plants Perfect for Your Aspen Woods Garden

The Sweet Smelling Rose

A common misconception is that rose gardening is best left to the experts. The truth is, many roses can survive harsh winters, and hardy versions need little more care than any flowering shrub. Canadian-bred roses are cold-hardy, and bring fragrance to the garden. There are two types of classification for the purpose of Calgary rose gardening. Hardy shrub roses do not need to be winterized, whereas tender roses tend to be finicky and require more care.

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Calgary Townhouses for Sale

When buying a house Calgary, one of the best options is a townhouse. A Calgary townhouse is considered medium-density housing, usually terraced and not necessarily semi-detached. Modern Calgary townhouses vary in size and layout, can have a basement and be a 2 storey type or be a bungalow style (sometimes referred to as villa style).

Calgary Townhouses for Sale

There is also a non-traditional Calgary townhouse in complex areas. This Calgary Townhouse real estate has two bedrooms in a unit, with the living room at the front portion on the lower level, and the kitchen at the back. The two bedrooms are in the front and back portions of the upper level, while a single bathroom is in between them. However, this type of housing has become less popular

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These days, more and more people are getting interested in going organic because of all of the proven health benefits that are associated with eating organic foods. Markets such as Blush Lane Organic Market are at the forefront of providing health-conscious eaters with all of the organic foods they can handle. Aspen Woods is a great place to live because of the area's friendliness towards organic eating, as exemplified in Blush Lane Organic Market. If you're serious about making organic eating a steady part of your life, then have a look at what Blush Lane Organic Market can do for you.

Going Organic in Aspen Woods: an Introduction to Blush Lane Organic Market

What It's All About

Blush Lane Organic Market is a certified organic produce market and a proud supporter of local growers, although it also boasts a choice

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